About Us

Jeff Behan - VisionTrust Communications

VisionTrust was founded by Jeff Behan in 1993 and has specialized in the medical and dental professions since 1996. Our team includes specialists in virtually every form of media so our services cover the entire spectrum of communications, but perhaps more important than that is our passion for helping our clients develop the kind of content that moves people to action. In other words, we can help make you visible on the web, we can make your phone ring, we can train your staff to succeed and we can make sure your story is consistently told at every point where you touch the public.

We're often asked about our name. It's simple: We believe that the level of success you can achieve is closely tied to the amount and type of vision you have. And trust? A trust is where you place your most valued possessions. So our goal at VisionTrust has always been to be the kind of partner you can entrust to help you develop and realize your vision.