The Power of Mom

The Olympics are kind of a big deal, right. Well - magnify that times 10 where I live. Colorado Springs is home to the US Olympic Training Center, the US Olympic Committee and many of the Olympic Team Headquarters are also here...and not just Winter Sports as you might think.

One of the common themes Olympic athletes share is the love and sacrifice their parents gave in their pursuit of excellence. I love those stories. I love the way they demonstrate the depth and breadth of a parent's love. Many of them endure long periods of separation (as one parent stays with the athlete for months at time) and the other holds down the home fires. 

Check out this incredible new video (ad) from P & G. It does a great job of making an emotional connection with the viewer (yeah - my eyes leaked a little). As you watch it, be sure to remember that when a parent pays for treatment for their child - you become a part of the sacrifice of love. Pretty cool, huh?!